About David Pahlke

David Pahlke is currently the 2nd longest serving Councillor in Ipswich City Council. He was elected in 1991 on the Moreton Shire Council, representing the Rural & Township areas. Moreton Shire amalgamated with Ipswich City in March 1995, & he was duly elected as a City Councillor from that time until now. David Pahlke has been judged at eight elections; 1991, 1994, 1995, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 & 2016. He has lived in Rosewood since 1985, & has passionately represented the Rural & Township areas for over two decades. City issues & rural issues differ, & he knows all too well it is not easy being a Rural Councillor in a city-based Council. He strongly advocates for equity and considerations for the rural areas. He is currently the Chairperson of Libraries & Youth and Seniors. In 2004 he co-purchased the Rosewood Hotel along with its ghost & has developed a passion for “Ghost” paranormal viewpoints. In 2002, he founded the Ipswich Poetry feast – an annual International Poetry Competition which averages 1200 entries per annum & boasts over $8000 in prize monies. His other passions include the History of the Rural & Township areas, and the Rosewood Festival/Fun Day which is held in the first week of September every year.

David Pahlke Celebrates 26 years in Local Government!

  • Elected on the 23rd of March 1991, representing Division 2 of Moreton Shire Council.
  • At that time I worked about 20 hrs a week for $16,000.
  • It was part time and because you had to hold down a full time job you could never really get into the nuts and bolts of a lot of issues in Council.
  • March 1995 Moreton amalgamated with Ipswich City Council with John Nugent as Mayor.
  • Originally I was Division 12 when we had 12 Councillors and in 2000 we dropped down to 10 Councillors and my area became Division 10.
  • 2000 we lost Rosevale and Mt Walker to Boonah Shire Council.
  • 2008 We lost Harrisville and Peak Crossing to the new Scenic Rim Council.
  • Division 10 is 675sqkms (62%) in area Total of ICC is just under 1100sqkms.
  • Division 10 is 90% Rural Township and Country with a touch of Ipswich Central in Yamanto.
  • Time and distance is always my companion.
  • I am now the 2nd longest Councillor after Cr Paul Tully with 38 years.
  • I am the last remaining Moreton Shire Councillor still sitting.
  • My part time electorate office opened in 1997 and then to a full blown Council office in 2001 where it is located now in the CBD of Rosewood.
  • I have lived in Rosewood since 1985.
  • I live and breathe rural issues eg. Gravel Roads of which I have 250kms of them.

Highlights of my Council career:

  • 1992 Introduction of the Mobile Library Service
  • Rural Fires Levy 1995 to fund Rural Fire Brigades
  • Marburg Flood Detention Basin $3.5M in 2005
  • Rosewood Detention Basin $1.5M in 2002
  • Town Square Cobb and Co project Rosewood $1M 2012
  • Rosewood Equestrian Complex $3.5M
  • Completion of Rosewood/Walloon/Thagoona Flood Studies
  • Grandchester and Calvert Flood Plans
  • Skate bowls at Rosewood and Marburg
  • Marburg Town Walk
  • Henry Lawson Park at Walloon
  • Rosewood to Walloon Development Corridor
  • Ebenezer Industrial Planning Study

And still so much more to come…

  • Rosewood Dinosaur
  • Rosewood History Book
  • Restoration of Rosewood Jail
  • Rosewood mainstreet review
  • 3000 Blocks of land coming on board between Walloon and Rosewood
  • Pine Mountain Saplings Pocket