The “missing link” footpath on Pisasale Drive, Deebing Heights, will make it a bit better smoother walk for pedestrians and strollers. The 400m stretch, adjacent to the roundabout at Sovereign Drive, was a joint project between Ipswich City Council and Stockland, the developers of the Sovereign Pocket Estate. Local Division 10 Councillor Cr David Pahlke said it would be welcome relief to residents in Division 8 and 10, as they had been asking for this missing link for the past few years. Whilst it is not the ultimate it gives some respite.

I am aware that residents have been waiting for this missing link for some years, and I am sure the local community will be very happy it has been put in. Well done to Stockland and I thank them. Cr Pahlke said the narrow one metre wide footpath constructed along the northern side of Kerners Road/Pisasale Drive was accepted by council as a non-standard path width and important interim connection to the surrounding network until the final pathway was constructed. “Notably, the footpath configuration and alignment is also constrained by service corridors, drainage table drains and some required verge earth level changes which, in part, are also associated with private land and not accessible for construction purpose.

Ultimately the pathway will be constructed to a 2.5m wide dimension, which is likely to occur when the Kelly property at 120 Pisasale Drive is developed in the future; where further land for road purposes is available; and there is the ability to address interface issues needed to appropriately accommodate the preferred standard footpath, services, roadworks and verge profile. David Laner, Acting Queensland General Manager for Residential Communities at Stockland, said it was needed. Stockland has provided an extension of the footpath on Pisasale Drive in Deebing Heights to ensure easy use and access for all pedestrians. Stocklands have stood up and are pleased to deliver this temporary missing link to locals.

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