Ipswich Poetry Feast - 2017 - Official Launch -Poets' Breakfast (1b)

Babies of Walloon Statues at Henry Lawson Park WALLOON

The 2018 Ipswich Poetry Feast official launch and Poet’s Breakfast will be held on Sunday, 25 March at Henry Lawson Bicentennial Park, Walloon (8am-10:45am). Libraries and Tourism Committee Chairperson Cr David Pahlke, who also chairs the Ipswich Poetry Feast Committee, said the success of past festivals has guaranteed its return for a 16th year. “It originated as part of a celebration of the 1891 Henry Lawson poem, The Babies of Walloon, and the rejuvenation of the Henry Lawson Bicentennial Park, Walloon, project,” he said.

“The competition began with a national focus but has developed an international aspect due to overseas interest. The Ipswich Poetry Feast continues to gain in strength and prestige.”

Cr Pahlke said more than 2,600 people participated in events within the 2017 Ipswich Poetry Feast program, including online poetry workshops, poetry writing in local schools, special poetry events and the awards presentation. “The Ipswich Poetry Feast encourages and rewards excellence in the literary arts. It offers aspiring poets of all ages the opportunity to gain experience and skills in poetry writing and performance, to showcase their talents and have their work published,” he said. “The many facets of the festival offer cultural and economic benefits for the community, while raising awareness of the art of poetry, showcasing Ipswich, highlighting the city’s proud history and encouraging new visitors to the region.”

Cr Pahlke, in releasing a comprehensive report on the 2017 event at committee this week, said the competition also highlights Ipswich’s local history and the Picture Ipswich archive. This year’s competition will conclude at the annual IPF Awards Presentation evening on Friday, 26 October 2018. Further dates within the competition timeline are yet to be determined.

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