LOCATED behind the Western Pride Football Club and Ipswich Hockey grounds, the new Ipswich Cycle Park is home to several configurations.  The community is encouraged to take their bikes to the circuit and join in on the rides.  Ipswich City Council and the State Government allocated $1.5 million each, with 24/7 Safe Cycling and Ipswich Cycling Club also contributing towards the project.

The criterium circuit comprises of three tracks including a 1.31km, 1.08km and a 400m internal oval. The track will be open for all to use and is expected to attract local, state and national cycling events.  At the recent official opening a  SEA of yellow littered the city’s newest facility on Sunday as the region’s politicians, residents and cyclists bonded in lycra to celebrate the park.

The $3.3-million Ipswich Cycle Park opening was the culmination of years of fundraising – following the tragic death of Narelle Dobinson in 2011. With a brave face and a community focus, Narelle’s son Troy thanked everyone who supported the cause and attended the opening.  The council-maintained Ipswich Cycle Park criterium will be open each day from 6am to 6pm and suitable for use by all ages and riders.

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