Ipswich City Council and the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) is pleased to officially declare Rosewood as an RV Friendly Town.  By creating a partnership between recreational vehicle (RV) tourists and the towns they visit, CMCA aims to maximise the value of self-contained RV tourists to both metropolitan and regional Australia. For Rosewood, joining the RV Friendly Town™ network will deliver direct benefits to the local community.  Rosewood will be promoted to RV travellers across Australia through the CMCA club magazine The Wanderer, and through the CMCA website and social media. With the self-contained RV tourism market estimated to be worth more than $2.5 billion annually, Rosewood is now well-positioned to access this lucrative tourism market.  The number of registered RVs in Australia is expected to grow to more than 700,000 vehicles by 2020. As more baby boomers enter the market, regional Australia in particular, will benefit from this extraordinary growth. These tourists do not just deliver economic benefits but also support communities through volunteer involvement.  They are also some of the most environmentally friendly drive tourists in Australia.

Being an RV Friendly Town, Rosewood has the opportunity to promote the region’s attractions and capture a part of this massive growth market. Through a combination of social media and word of mouth RV tourists will quickly let their fellow travellers know what a great place Rosewood is to visit and experience what it is that makes this town unique.


In order to be classified as RV Friendly, Rosewood offers the following core services to campervan and motorhome travellers: low cost camping sites will be provided at the Rosewood Showgrounds for a maximum seven consecutive nights, $12 per van per night – non power or $15 per van per night with power. A dump point and potable water is also available on site. This service is operated by the local Rosewood Lions Club.


You will soon notice some RV Friendly Town signage installed in the region to signify that Rosewood is officially RV friendly. Council will begin to roll out a number of communications and advertising strategies in CMCA and wider publications to maximise coverage for the region. This partnership with the CMCA also allows us direct advertising opportunities to the CMCA’s almost 70,000 members


In order to attract people to the region, we must be able to best promote what our town has to offer. When attracting the lucrative weekend market we must also ensure business are open on consistent trading hours so visitors can access what they require, when they require it.

It is important to also note that these long haul travellers are not only interested in tourist attractions as a visitor but they also require access to essential services such hairdressers, doctors, banks, post offices, services stations, laundromats etc. A question for consideration is, “Is your business ready and able to service the needs of visitors?”

These visitors might also be looking for recommendations from a local about what there is to see and do whilst in the area.  It’s important to be educated on what is on offer in your own backyard so we can all become the best ambassadors for Rosewood.

There will also be opportunities for businesses to display promotional collateral for tourism attractions and what’s on in the region, providing essential information for visitors. A representative from Council will discuss this directly with suitable businesses in the coming weeks should you be interested in doing so.

We will also be looking to update relevant marketing collateral on Rosewood including a town map and what there is to see or do in the region.



Do you have any great ideas of things to promote?  We would also love to hear from you. Cr  David Pahlke  0419705376  

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