“A celebration of a life well lived 108.5 years”


Marjorie Elizabeth Lucy Bostock (Grandma) aged 108.5 years, passed away peacefully on 1.10.2017, in her own home with loved ones by her side. She was the 7th oldest person in Australia, and the oldest in Ipswich.

Marjorie was born at Mt Morgan 2nd April, 1909, to William J. Lilley and Lucy Elizabeth Dagg. She grew up in the Ulam area on the family farm and attended Upper Ulam state school along with her brothers and sister, Osborne, Gladys and Mervyn. A tremendously hard worker, she was up before the sun milking the cows then she’d drive the cream ten miles by sulky to meet the train.

She married Charles Edward Dundee Bostock in 1930 and had five children, Ronald, Mervyn (Bluey), June (Freya), Graham (Snow) and Keith. They lived on a cane farm in the Mackay area before moving to Ipswich after Charlie was transferred to Amberly Air base. Marjorie always had a driving need to be on the land, with enough room for a cow and a vegetable garden so she could be self-sufficient and feed her family, and she subsequently bought 11 acres at Ebbw Vale, where her and Charlie built the family home.

Over the course of her life she travelled every highway of this great country. Often of no fixed address, she resided with whichever family member needed her most, or could put her to best use! From mustering cattle on Dundee, Taroom, to caring for Mervyn’s children when they lost their mother, or panning for gold in Nth QLD, she’d roll up her sleeves and get to work. Fiercely protective of her 5 children, this continued with her 14 grand-children, 26 great grandchildren, and 8 great great Grandchildren.

Marjorie finally settled down at Willowbank and it was here in her comfy home amongst the gum trees, that she spent her final years. The previous Mayor of Ipswich said to her on her 108th birthday – “gee Marjorie, you’re sending me broke. I’ve been coming here for 9 years with certificates and flowers every year – and you just keep on keeping on . . .!”

In testament to the calibre of person she was, Grandma Bostock’s final years were spent surrounded by people who loved and respected her – her door was always open with a steady stream of visitors dropping in, with everyone offered a cup of tea and a bed whether they needed it or not. Considered the ‘lynch pin’ of the Bostock family, they’d gather each year for her birthday always fearing it would be her last.

The family wished to express their appreciation and gratitude to two ladies – Carol BOSTOCK Granddaughter and Carolyn Booth (distant cousin). The Bostock family will remain forever in their debt for the loving and respectful way they cared for Grandma. Marjorie Elizabeth Lucy Bostock, 108.5 years – your memory will live on forever in the yarns of you we’ll tell!

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