(Today – Dr John Saba and Rosewood Hardware)

The Royal Bank of Queensland opened its doors in Rosewood in 1887 in what is now the CWA building. They obtained a lease of 100 years from the government at a cost of a peppercorn a year. In 1896 the bank closed its doors and reopened in 1901. In 1917 the Royal Bank of Queensland and the Bank of North Queensland amalgamated to become the bank of Queensland LTD and in 1922 the Bank of Queensland amalgamated again, this time with the Queensland National Bank.

The Queensland National Bank opened its doors in Rosewood in 1914, but closed during World War II and in 1948 was taken over by the National Bank of Australia. Even the Bank of New South Wales had a short stint in Rosewood and closed in 1960. In 1974 the National Bank of Australia moved to the site of the Queensland National Bank after the original building was demolished and a ‘new’ building was brought in from Dirranbandi. This building was used till 1995 when it became the current doctor’s surgery and the bank. In 1982 the bank renamed the National Australia Bank, moved to the other side of John Street.


Evans Garage, possibly in the 1920’s (see the old bank building to the left)



NAB in the 1990’s.

Evans Garage 1

Evans Garage in the 1950’s.

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