MY PHOTOS but the story and words courtesy of the FABULOUS Moreton Border News 4.8.2017

HISTORIC ROSEWOOD POULTRY CLUB HONOUR BOARD – ROSEWOOD Poultry Club has unearthed a piece of memorabilia that tells some of the story of its history.

Club President Peter Reinke said the old honour board had been removed from the original ‘chook shed’ when renovations to the showgrounds began some years ago. “It was stored in a shed at the home of our past president Clive Claus and while we knew it was there it was ‘sort of forgotten’.” That was until the club chose to make their 90th annual show a tribute to the man who was known as the ‘father of poultry shows’ in Rosewood. “We wanted to recognise Clive’s dedication and commitment to breeding and showing poultry and with his wife Dos’s agreement we named the show in his honour,” Peter explained. It was through conversations about the direction of the show that the history of the group was discussed and the board was remembered.

“It was a real mess, covered in dust and cobwebs and even had hornets nests attached when I pulled it from the old shed,” Peter explained. “But we decided that we would have it on show for the 90th and then I will take it home and refurbish it.” The board is somewhat unusual as it has had a ‘centre leaf added to cater to additional information for both the annual poultry shows and the ‘young bird’ shows, a show that was held specifically for the young cockerels and pullets before many of those birds also appeared in the annual show.

The earliest date shown on the board is 1945 although the first show was held in 1927. That first show received over 200 entries and was opened by W Cooper MLA, who was the Club Patron. That first committee is listed in records as President W. Yarrow, Secretary J.B. Sloane, Treasurer A. Blake and committee members F Yarrow, T Harding, S.R. Harding, W. Claydon, T Sweeney, J. Roach and N. Bade.

The original old pens with a curved iron roof were demolished in about 1958 to make way for the new Show Hall, which was when the old Slipper Factory was moved to the showgrounds. Fred Franklin, Show Society President at the time, organised for new pens to be built with the big posts donated by Lou Christensen. The Poultry Club members built the pens, while the Christensen family built the outside framework. There were 1,200 pens in all and for many years they were always filled at show time.

The Rosewood Poultry Show is recognised as an important one throughout Australia. This second lot of pens were demolished in 2009 to make way for the total refurbishment of the Rosewood showgrounds. This included a new building which is still locally known as the ‘chook shed’, even though officially it is the Exhibition Pavilion. Peter said the new building came with the provision of the 1,200 new pens they use today thanks to Ipswich City Council. The current committee of Peter Reinke (President), Bruce Hodgson (VP) and Cathy Reinke (Secretary/Treasurer) are already looking towards their 100 year show.



Dos and former ALP State Parliamentarian Henry PALASZCZUK


Cr David Pahlke with Dos Claus and present Poultry Club President Peter Reinke


Clive & Dos Claus on their Wedding Day


Display at the Poultry Show


The Honour Board


Display at the Poultry Show


Display at the Poultry Show


Clive and Dos with a prized ‘chook’


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