A COUNCIL donation of 40,000 books weeded from Ipswich Libraries over the past six years has stocked the new library at Borallon Training and Correctional Centre.  The donation means people at the Ironbark facility will have access to quality reading material with surplus books sent to other correctional centres at Wacol and Palen Creek.

Ipswich Libraries spokesman Councillor David Pahlke said the donation would bring benefits for inmates and their families. “Council is proud to be associated with the Friends of Ipswich Library which raises funds with the weeded stock at book sales,” he said. “We also donate to schools, not-for-profit groups, retirement villages, nursing homes and other organisations that accept weeded stock from our city’s library service.  “For us it’s all about recycling books and giving them a second chance, that theme is particularly powerful when it comes to this donation.

“We are impressed with the way Borallon supports the ‘Dad’s Read’ principles with the My Father’s Voice program that encourages prisoners who are fathers to record themselves reading a storybook to their children. “These recordings are then packaged as a CD and book and provided to the prisoner’s family. “The ability for children to read along with dad’s recording has substantive social and emotional benefits for the families who participate. “This program supports the development of a love of reading and helps to maintain the bond between parent and child that storytelling can foster even if parents are living apart from their children.”

Borallon general manager Peter Henderson said the donation would further strengthen the centre’s relationship with the community. “We have emphasised from day one that we want to develop positive relationships with the community and when you look at our relationship with education providers and businesses we are making this a reality,” he said. “It’s a real bonus to be able to have all that reading material available, as well as jobs in the library, within 15 months of the centre having been recommissioned.”

Cr David Pahlke & Corrective Services Minister Mark Ryan

Cr  David  Pahlke Chair of Ipswich Libraries with
Corrective Services Minister Mark Ryan

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