Rosewood Seventh-day Adventist Church celebrates 30 years

The members of the Rosewood Seventh-day Adventist church organised a Back to Rosewood Day on May 20 to celebrate the opening of their church 30 years ago.   Of the original fourteen members one has died, five still attend regularly, visitors included four others and greetings were sent from Tasmania by another three. Those who were children then, now adults, came with their children, other members from the years between returned to join in the reunion.

Pastor David Lawson, retired President of the South Queensland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, who opened the church on May 16 1987, was invited to preach and other retired pastors assisted with the Bible lesson, prayers and mission stories.

Special Guest, Councillor David Pahlke, addressed the congregation at the conclusion of the church service and wished them a Happy Birthday, presenting a certificate to commemorate the occasion, suggesting a time capsule should be considered.  His offer of financial aid was met with hearty applause.

The church car park overflowed, the foyer was filled with happy greetings as friends from long ago met. Past ministers and members came from interstate, the Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane to spend the day together, sharing memories over lunch and renewing acquaintances.

In the afternoon, pictures were shown of the early days as the church was built, mostly with voluntary labour, favourite hymns were sung, Pathfinder pranks were recalled and other memories shared of fund raising at flea markets, working bees, picnics and camp-outs. In all, a very successful and happy day.


Cr David Pahlke presenting certificate to Pastor David E. Lawson

Counsellor David Palke

Cr David Pahlke on the Pulpit


Greeting everyone at the end of the service

L2R Darryl Fry Head Elder Nathan Fry Deacon Adrian Smythe Elder

Left to right: Head Elder Darryl Fry, Deacon Nathan Fry and Elder Adrian Smythe.


Wesley and Beth Hughes, with their daughter Bronwyn and son Frank.


The Allen Family


Vince and Rhelmae Hebbard with their daughter Rhian and husband Jordan Dennis

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