Ghost of Rosewood to haunt Parade of Light

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THE IPSWICH CITY COUNCIL LIBRARY ENTRY IN THE IPSWICH FESTIVAL PARADE – Has WON the best use of lights, colour and creativity.

Queensland Times, Ipswich QLD by Joel Gould. (06 May 2017)


Paranormal Pahlke to float like orb

THE UNOFFICIAL Ipswich spokesman of the paranormal and the bizarre will be spooking the public tonight in the Parade of Light float at the Ipswich Festival.

Dressed as a ghostbuster, Cr David Pahlke will be gliding through the CBD tonight on his float.

He won’t be floating… we don’t believe.

But we don’t know what to believe when it comes to the mercurial Rosewood councillor, who insists his Rosewood Hotel is haunted by an array of ghosts and mysterious floating orbs, which dance about when the clock strikes midnight.

Cr Pahlke’s Ghostbuster float follows a tradition of themed floats he has been involved in at the Ipswich Festival, including the Flintstones, Bob the Builder, Willie Wonka and Grease.

Cr Pahlke said his “bongo van” had mechanical problems but it was set to go.

“This is my float that I put in the parades and I join with the library and the council,” he said.

“The theme of the parade is wizards, witches and mythical creatures. Council is going as Harry Potter but we have chosen the Ghostbusters theme and we’ve got about 12 people getting dressed up.

“We had a lot of mechanical problems with the float. I have just spent a fair bit getting it fixed so hopefully it will be alright on the night.

“Ghostbuster music will be blasting out from the vehicle.

Little kids love ghosts.” Cr Pahlke has a haunted history with the ghosts at his hotel.

“I’ve had an association with paranormal groups,” he said.

“There is a paranormal expert called Katie Harvey who wants to come to the hotel and set up all the equipment to see what she can find. Paranormal groups that come to the hotel always find something.

“The psychics have seen the pioneering lady ghost at the hotel. They have seen the Negro soldier ghost and Rusty, the Scottish water ghost.” Cr Pahlke said his ghosts had also been captured on film.

“If you go to the Historic Rosewood Hotel Facebook site you will see the orb and the child ghosts,” he said.

“You’ve got to scroll down to find them but they are there. You can see the orb and the child ghost go across the screen.”


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