Cr David Pahlke & Cr Sheila Ireland with Darrell Armstrong at Stone Quarry Cemetery.

THE final resting place of some of the pioneers of Rosewood, Ebenezer, Jeebropilly and Amberley is being enhanced by Ipswich City Council in partnership with volunteers from the Friends of the Cemeteries group.  Land was set aside for Stone Quarry Cemetery in June 1875.   It was formerly known as Seven Mile Creek Cemetery and then Jeebropilly Cemetery, with the first recorded burial in 1879.  Cemeteries spokeswoman Councillor Sheila Ireland said council and Ipswich Cemeteries had recently removed fallen branches and unwanted vegetation, soil and other debris from the site as part of an ongoing works program.  “We also have plans to replace the existing fence or build an entirely new fence to further improve the general aesthetics of the cemetery,” she said.

Rosewood-based Councillor David Pahlke said the rural cemetery had great historical significance.  “Council has three Historical Cemeteries under their guardianship – Ebenezer, Tallegalla and Haigslea.  All through date back to first settlement in the area.  This is an important site for the community, it is a place for people from surrounding townships to pay their respects and reflect on our past,” he said. The Friends of the  Cemetery group meet regularly to discuss ALL Council cemeteries throughout Ipswich. If anyone is interested in attended could they please contact my office.

Friends of the Cemeteries member Darrell Armstrong said the site was originally cleared and fenced by locals in 1878. “Many of the people buried here came to the area from the UK and Germany, they established their lives on the land and paved the way for the development of the Rosewood area,” he said.  Stone Quarry Cemetery is at Stone Quarry Road, Ebenezer.

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