Words and Story courtesy of the MBNews 11.11.2016

Photo 1: Cr David Pahlke with the class of 1996  
Photo 2: The certificate
Photo 3: Cr David Pahlke and former Principal Clyde Nicoll
Photo 4: Former Principal Clyde Nicol and former student Jeffro Neville
Photo 5: All in the Hall
Photo 6-15: The guided Tour

ROSEWOOD High’s class of ’96 gathered last Saturday to recall their days at the school. It was 20 years since the group of past students had last walked through the gates following their Year 12 graduation. A group of 22 enjoyed a walk through the school, accompanied by current principal Jo Hughes and past principal Clyde Nicoll. Mr Nicoll said he recalled the students of that year as a ‘good bunch’ who were active in all aspects of their schooling and extracurricular activities. “It’s always interesting to meet up with a group of past students and hear their thoughts on their senior years and to hear what they are doing with their lives today,” he said. Cr Pahlke presented the students with a certificate recognising their 20 year anniversary before the group headed to an Ipswich restaurant to continue catching up. Thanks to Jeffro Neville for organising.

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