Adding a room to an old hall is likely to stand out like a sore thumb, according to Ipswich City Councillor Dave Pahlke so he was amazed to see the results when a room was added to Anzac RSL Hall.  “Retro fitting anything to an old building is normally a nightmare but I have to say that this addition looks like it is part of the original structure,” he said. The hall is one that is used by a number of community groups and was in need of a ramp at the rear access and a storage area.  “The gymnastics group has been here many years and they have a large amount of equipment so a decision was made to provide storage,” he said.

 “This meant the RSL could reclaim what was originally a supper room for their use and the ramp gives them direct access to that room and from there into the main body of the hall. “Until now if they wanted to use that room they had to access through the main hall and kitchen which was just not working on many levels. “By making these changes we have made the hall a much more user-friendly building and opened  up more community use space.”  A 6mx3m room was added to the northern side of the building and a ramp to the rear, giving ramp access from three points.

The project required an upgrade to exit lighting, switchboards and smoke detectors bringing the whole project cost to $140,000. “We still have to fit out the storage area with shelving but that is in the costings and both the Anzac Park Committee and the RSL committed $5,000 towards costs,” he said.

Chair of the Anzac Park Committee John Turner said the hall is used by the gymnastics club, a drama club, dance group a women’s group, the RSL and numerous private functions throughout the year.  “We are pleased that the hall offers more space now and gives the RSL members their own dedicated space.” He said.




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