(Story  Courtesy MBnews)

Breakfast was served with a healthy dose of poetry last Saturday when the annual Black Snake Creek Poets and Balladeers Breakfast in the Park was held. 

With local SES members keeping the campfires burning to ward off the early morning chill, attendees were soon enjoying a hot breakfast including damper and billy tea. President of Marburg District Residents Association Barry Gratton said the morning was a success.
“Marburg is a fabulous community and we have some great local poets who presented their own works, alongside visiting bush poets,” he said.  “And the team from the school do a brilliant job of providing a hearty bush breakfast so what better way to start the day.”
“We have been running this event for the past 10 years and this year we saw a number of new faces presenting and some of them were just excellent.”  The breakfast is well supported not just by the locals but those who also enjoy listening to some great poetry. 
Mr Gratton said the park was an ideal location to keep the ‘Aussie bush poetry’ tradition alive. “This is a beautiful spot that lends itself to this type of event and an ideal way for the community to come together,” he said.  





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