$600,000 NEW MOBILE LIBRARY TRUCK First Visit to Rosewood

$600,000 NEW MOBILE LIBRARY TRUCK First Visit to Rosewood
IMPRESSIVE sums up how residents view the newest edition to Ipswich City Council’s Mobile Library fleet after it arrived in Rosewood last week. Cr Dave Pahlke visited the site and said the visual impression as you pull up or drive past is what first catches the eye. “It’s colourful and bold, it really does stand out and makes you think that if the outside is this good then what is in the inside.” Local residents using the facility heaped praise on the truck and the services it offers.
“It’s really well set out, the graphics are superb and the truck is very well made. It will work very well,” Trevor Halter said. Lisa Stark of Lanefield commented on how roomy the mobile library was. “The new library truck has enough room inside to hold ballroom dance classes.” The new library truck includes an 8 metre long and 1.2 metre long side out pod, significantly increasing the internal floor space. “It also offers WI-FI connectivity in and near the vehicle and has Smart TV with Skype along with thousands of items for loan.

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