Flood protection improved at Rosewood

PHOTO: Chair of Infrastructure Cheryl Bromage with Local Cr David Pahlke
Story Courtesy of MBNews
Flood protection improved at Rosewood
FLOOD resilience for Rosewood has been boosted following the completion of a $900,000 upgrade to the Rosewood Detention Basin. Cr Dave Pahlke said the upgrade will enhance the Detention Basin’s ability to mitigate major rainfall and flood events and meet current design regulations. “After 2011 floods, an Allowable Flood Capacity assessment found it was necessary to increase the height o the basin embankment adjacent the spillway to meet current requirements,” Cr Pahlke said. “The Rosewood Detention Basin was constructed in 2002 and is on an unnamed tributary of Western Creek, a tributary of the Bremer River.”
“It was originally built to mitigate localised flooding by reducing the peak outflow to better protect the township of Rosewood during large storms.” “This upgrade means peak outflow will be significantly reduced, improving flood immunity for the township which was previously endured water down the main street during major weather events.” “Council had initially planned to upgrade the town drain but upon further investigations we found it would have cost about $10 million.”
“After assessing our options, upgrades to the existing detention basin were found to be the most cost-effective way to improve the issue.” Cr Cheryl Bromage said the works were funded through a grant to council under the National Insurance Affordability Initiative. “Works included increasing the height of the existing detention basin embankment by 600mm using existing material from within the basin as well as installing penstock gates to control peak outflows.” “ Concrete surrounds were also constructed for the inlet structures which will help the likelihood of blockage on the outlet structures.”

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