QUU – New sewer pipes for Rosewood

QUU – New sewer pipes for Rosewood

Queensland Urban Utilities is investing almost half a million dollars in two new sewer pipes for Rosewood.  The first will be laid between O’Shea Street and Nielsen road, with the second along Bassett Lane, between Lacewing Street and Nielsen Road. Queensland Urban Utilities spokesperson, Michelle Cull, said the new pipes will improve the integrity and reliability of Rosewood’s sewerage system.

“We’re laying the foundations to support future development in Rosewood”, she said. “With hundreds of additional people expected to move into the area over the next 20 years it will mean more toilets flushing and more showers running, so we need to increase the capacity of the local sewerage network. The 250mm diameter pipes will also alleviate wet weather overflows in Bassett Lane”.

Ipswich Councillor, David Pahlke, said its comforting to see the growth in Rosewood is being well catered for. “My working relationship with Queensland Urban Utilities since its inception six years ago has been first class,” he said. Construction of the new pipes is expected to take around three weeks, weather permitting. The project is part of a three year $5 million plan to support future growth and reduce overflows in Rosewood.


Queensland Urban Utilities has already:

– Built a $3.5 million sewerage pump station.
– Refined more than 400m of sewer pipes in Matthew Street, Mill Street and Bassett Lane.
– Installed 1.1km of new sewer pipe along Ipswich-Rosewood Road leading to the sewage treatment plant.


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