Pride in flying Aussie Flag


(Photo and story courtesy MBNews)

JACINTA Ambrose noticed the tattered state of the flag flying in the main street of rosewood and the Cobb and Co Heritage Park and decided it had to be replaced. Jacinta is a Rosewood High Year 12 student with leadership roles as School Vice-Captain, band Captain and secretary of the Student Council.
“Our flags holds significant value to our country and should be flown proudly so I was surprised that our flag here in town was not in such good condition.” “I spoke to my dad Steven, who is a member of the Defence Force, and he agreed that it should always be flown with pride and respect.”  “That is when I decided that I would like to present Cr Pahlke with a new flag to be raised on the town flagpole.” Cr Pahlke was on site last week to accept the donated flag from Jacinta. “I became aware of the need to replace the flag around six weeks or so ago but wanted to hold off when I heard about this very special donation from a very special family.”
“I am so impressed that a teen would make such a symbolic gesture as this and reminds me that we have some great kids out there.” “The new flag will be raised on the flagpole and I will in future to be much more aware of the need to ensure the flag is always in good condition,” he said.  “The flag we fly as our national symbol has been in place since 1901 and many have fought for and given their lives defending our nation,” Jacinta said. “It is those men and women who have enabled us to live the lives we do today and I just want to ensure that we show proper respect for them and our national flag.


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