Rosewood’s Historic WWI Honour Board Restored and Reblessed

(Story  Courtesy MBNews)

Ensuring the memory of the locals who fought in World War I are immortalised for future generations has been the basis of a project to refurbish an honour board. The board is displayed on the wall of the Rosewood RSL Anzac Hall. It is a copper and timber board who served WWI from around the region. The names on the board are listed under the areas around Rosewood they came from. Before refurbishment, two plaques were missing. Under an Anzac Centenary Community Grant the board has been completely renovated.

The back board was repainted, some screws were replaced, residue from a previous refurbishment was removed and refurbishment and coating of the brass works were completed. Then the whole board was framed and placed under a protective, non-reflective glass. Cr Dave Pahlke said at the base of the frame are screen holes to allow ventilation without dirt and moisture getting in. “It was back in 1999 that this board was last refurbished, using funds raised during a March of the Dungarees event”.

“We’ve come a long way with what we can do since then,” he said. Several speakers at the official re-blessing of the refurbished board spoke on what a board, such as this, means to a community. The most moving was when a speaker said that those people whose names were on the Honour Board were not just names, they were people with hopes and dreams and ‘gave their tomorrows for our todays’.

State Member for Ipswich West Jim Madden became emotional as he recognised three family members, whose names were on the Honour Board, recalling family lore of the men. Special recognition was given to three widows of returned servicemen  Joyce Pocock (Norman), Ida Brockhurst (Lesley) and Betty Perrin (Merv), who were in attendance.

Cr Pahlke spoke on the history of the board saying that he understands that the original board was funded by subscriptions and donations via the Rosewood Shire Council. When the board was first erected it was placed at the Railway Station but no photos are on record showing the board in place.

Cr Pahlke is calling on anyone in the community who has a photo showing the board at the Railway Station to please make contact with him. “This is a board with a history that tells of war and of community pride and I am thrilled that we have now protected the board for many years to come”. “What I aim to do over the next couple of years is have the board researched fully and I am seeking any photos or information people may have,” he said.


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