Naming Of Dutney Road, Lanefield


Story courtesy of MBNews
Naming of Road recognises family links. Naming roads is an area that Cr Dave Pahlke is passionate about, saying where possible they should reflect early landowners and families. This was the case recently when the Dutney family were immortalised by the naming of Dutney Road on the outskirts of Rosewood. Barbara Mackenzie, nee Dutney, said they were ‘chuffed’ to have the family name and their links to the area recognised in this way. “The family research indicates that in the very early days our name was spelled at Dewdney but somewhere along the line we have adopted the ‘Dutney’ we use today”, she said.

Their records also show the family came from Curry Rivel a village in Somerset, England, the first of the family crossing the waters to Australia in the early 1800’s settling in Newton Ipswich. While the family history is still somewhat obscure and they are in the process of building a family tree it appears from information they have collated that the first to live in the Rosewood area were Charles and Emily as their first child born in Rosewood is recorded as Charles Henry born April 15, 1873. Also born in Rosewood was Frederick John on June 26, 1878.  They have older children born in Newtown Ipswich, Caroline Elizabeth, Eliza Ann, Louisa Anna and George Herbert. George Herbert married Elizabeth Elder in 1889, and produced a large family of 10 children, all recorded as Rosewood born. They were Emma (1890), Jessie (1891), Herbert (1892), Charles (1894), Henry (1896), George (1899), Elizabeth (1901), Barbara (1905), David (1907) and Florence (1911).
Herbert born 1892, married Mary Etheleen Woodhouse and they had a family of seven children, Colin, Joyce, Harry, Thelma, Graham, Mary and Reg. Today of that family only Thelma and Graham are alive, Thelma aged 95 and Graham 93  Today there are seven generations who can track their heritage back to that couple who chose to make Rosewood home from 1869. Barbara said memories of today’s generations are somewhat sketchy on who lied where on the property. “I can only surmise that at one stage a number of the children had homes on the ‘family land’.” “Uncle Graham has no recollection or memory of living where the original homestead was but he recalls living on the same side of the road, but closer to Rosewood.”
“We are thinking that possibly the land was once all family farm but are still researching this,” she said. The land once part of the Dutney farm is owned by Roy Bassett who lives on the corner of Rosewood Laidley Road and Dutney Road, which until now has been an un-named road. Cr Pahlke said an ownership search of the land back to first settlement showed that the Dutney family owned the land for a period of 70 years from 1869-1939.   Cr Pahlke said seeing the reaction from the family was heart-warming. “It’s at times like this when you actually realise how important that historical link to a region is to the family and I am pleased to be part of making this happen for the Dutney family.”







Photos of the DUTNEY Clan and their descendants at the unveiling of the sign

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