Black Snake Creek rehabilitation work continues


REHABILITATION work is underway on a section of Black Snake Creek at Rosewood-Marburg Road.  The upstream channel and culverts are being realigned as part of the next stage of the Upper Black Snake Creek Improvement Plan.  The work will help to reduce erosion while improving stability and flow at a key area of the catchment near Marburg Quarry Road.  It will be delivered over the next two weeks at a total cost of about $60,000.
Ipswich Rivers Improvement Trust Chairman Peter Phillips said the creek bank was damaged during the 2011 and 2013 floods.  “Sediment will be removed from the bridge approaches and will be used to restore and shape the left bank of the creek,” he said.  “Matting, seeding and rock armour will be placed around the right bank to help protect the area and encourage re-vegetation.”
West Moreton Landcare President Bob Hampson said he was proud to be part of the project.  “Our group will be involved in a follow-up re-vegetation program similar to one conducted in Marburg early last year,” he said.
Division 10 Councillor David Pahlke said the Upper Black Snake Creek Improvement Plan provided a coordinated approach to rehabilitate and re-vegetate the catchment area.  “The overarching goal is to reduce the risk of flooding and improve water quality by investing time and money,” he said.  Black Snake Creek flows through Marburg, Glamorgan Vale and Fairney View, discharging into the mid-Brisbane River above the Mount Crosby Weir.  The catchment has been identified as a key risk to the operational continuity of the Mount Crosby Water Treatment Plant due to its salinity and pathogen loads.  The improvement plan aims to address these issues through three stages – managing local flood risk, salinity mitigation, and landscape restoration and water quality improvement.   It was developed in partnership with Marburg residents, major stakeholders and engineering, urban design and ecology firm E2DesignLab.

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