Paynes Road at Ebenezer, a back entrance to Willowbank Raceway is the perfect example of how much roadworks cost according to Cr Dave Pahlke. “We’ve just widened and bitumened sealed 1.2km of this road and that has cost $750,000,” he said as he pointed out the strip of road.

He added that the road is 6km in length but most of the homes, around 10 are in the first 1.2km. “If we did the whole raod the cost would likely be in the vicinity of $5 million and we just don’t have that sort of money. “I gave a commitment a few years ago that I would work to seal the Ebenezer end of this road and I am pleased to say it has now been done.”

Cr Pahlke said the project included widening the road to seven metres, bitumen sealing the roadway, upgrading drainage and pipe crossings, with retro fitting to many property access ways. Local resident Ken Lowe operates the drag racing school at Willowbank Raceway, which was his motivation for moving into Paynes Road four years ago. “We purchased on a dirt road and I had no expectations that the road would be sealed but now that it is done I am a very happy resident. Anyone who lives on a dirt road knows that gutters fill with dust, your home and cars are never really clean and now this has changed.

On race days we have thousands of cars pass by on this road and the dust looks like thick fog, like a cloudbank moving through, even though council has water trucks operating.” Cr Pahlke said that on a non-race day the road would see around 150 car movements as opposed to the thousands on race days. “This is a very typical example of what I fight for day in and day out for Division 10. It is a city versus country styled battle as many roads in my rural division have such low movement numbers compared to city roads that carry thousands of cars each and every day,” he explained.

“I am just excited that we can wash the car and it will stay clean Ken joked.



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