Walloon Scallywags – New Play Equipment

Story and photo courtesy of MBNews.

Walloon Scallywags Playgroup is celebrating a selection of new play equipment. Spokesperson for the group, Kim Stroud said they have been fortunate to receive an Ipswich City Council grant with a top up from Cr Dave Pahlke.

“We desperately needed to update our selection of toys and activities, which have not been replaced since the group formed around 12 years ago. With the $567 Community Development Grant and another $250 from Cr Pahlke we have purchased a range of educational and fun toys and a number of resources”. She said the group was small, with around 12 children attending on a regular basis. “Our group is one that offers a great opportunity for children and their parents and caregivers a chance to interact. “It is not just mums and dads and their children but we have aunties and grandparents who attend as well,” Kim said.

“The funds allowed us to purchase a baby centre, puzzles, a kitchen, medical play, an emergency service house, play tents, a garage and chalk boards just to name some of the items. “We now have a great range, suited to both boys and girls and this also allows us to rotate the toys so the children do not get bored with the same toys each week. “And the children are just loving the expanded choices during play time,” she said. Cr Pahlke attended the Thursday morning session to take a look at what the grant and his donation had purchased. “This group, like many small groups do struggle for funds so to see what a difference this has made is heart warning”. Cr Pahlke said that with a development about to kick off in Walloon, this group along with the school, have a bright future with new families moving to the area.

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