Town and Country Volunteers Honour Board


PHOTO/Story source  Courtesy of MBNews
Volunteers are an important part of the fabric of the community and in the Rosewood region are recognised as such through the Town and Country Volunteers Honour Board. Cr David Pahlke first called for nominations for the board, which is located in his office, in 2006 and said he calls for long-term volunteers to be nominated every couple of years.  “This is about people who give themselves into the community over a period of years, people wh9o keep giving of their time and passion. It may be someone who has spent a decade or several giving to an organisation or one of those quiet achievers who over many years has supported people within their community. It maybe someone who assists an elderly neighbour over the years, someone who is a part of a recognised community group, club or charity, a sporting group or church. These are people who make their region such a wonderful place to love, they are the people who often go unmentioned as they are “just part and parcel’ of a group or organisation. There’s an estimated 2000 volunteers in Division 10 and many of those do have decades of volunteering under their belt. I encourage anyone who knows someone worthy of a nomination to call my office for a nomination form. It is very simple to nominate someone so please do.” Those who have their names added to the board are invited to celebrate at a presentation supper with friends and family.  Contact my office on 54641088 to get a nomination form posted to you.

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