Patricia Fechner Memorial Golf Day


Throughout our lives we always want to be remembered for something, right? For being famous or bringing world peace. But I don’t think we realise that most people remember you for who you are as a person and not the things you have accomplished. Patricia did just that, a beautiful Mother, a Wife, a Sister, a Daughter, a caring and selfless friend and was remembered for all those things. Even though she has passed she is still bringing people together each year for the Patricia Fechner Memorial Golf Day held on the first weekend in August. This is a day to remember Patricia and all that she has done for everyone.
The day is purely based on fun, a few drinks and a bit of Golf. The day is organised by her Brothers and Sisters who go to a lot of effort ensuring that the day is filled with lots of fun and laughter! The 3rd Annual golf day was held on the 2nd August 2015. Successfully they raised approximately $2595 for Childhood Cancer Support. Everyone is a winner after playing 9 holes as four person Ambrose. At the end of the day the score cards are handed in and drawn as a raffle as each team then chooses a prize from a large selection kindly donated to the day. Overall it is a great day for the family. Keep an eye out for next year’s event!


Brioney Burns, Daniel Carlyon, Tyran Burns and Brooke Fechner having a blast!
Cr Pahlke, Rogan Hume Secretary to the Borad of Managers, Emma McConnell Board Member and Brooke Fechner
A quick photo before the day kicks off!
Team Tee’d Off!



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