Arnold Rieck is our renowned local Tree and Conservation expert. My first port of call is always Arnold, when searching for some advice. Arnolds passion for preserving the Rosewood Scrub and promulgating local species is well recognised. Mr “Arboretum” has my sincere thanks for his thousands of hours of voluntary service here and along Masons Gully. SGAP has been there since the start and RDPO in recent years also has been an active partner. Ipswich City Council is proud to be his partner.
The Rosewood Scrub Arboretum was established in 1994 by Arnold Rieck and the Ipswich branch of the Society for Growing Australian Plants in partnership with Ipswich City Council. This arboretum is intended to preserve as many species of our unique Rosewood scrub as possible, for perpetuity in a location where plants can be accessed for propagation. Nowadays less than 2.5% of the original scrub remains and these remnant patches are degraded with weeds. To date over 150 species are grown here.
The original Rosewood scrub was a huge tract of dense vine forest stretching from Rosewood to Lowood, and Haigslea to Hatton Vale. Significant trees of the scrub included Hoop Pine, Brigalow and Rosewood, Red and White Cedar, White Bean, Peanut Tree and the rare Baileys Cypress Pine. Over 200 species of trees, shrubs, vines, herbs and grasses have been identified. Several of our dry vine plants have medicinal properties and horticultural potential. The aboriginal inhabitants of this vine forest made excellent spears from the heavy timber of the rosewood tree (Acacia Fasciculifera). They used over 50 species of plants as bush tucker, and over 30 species of plants had medicinal value to them and to the early settlers. The first settlers in the scrub came from Germany in the 1860’s and had to clear a certain area each year. Many local roads are named after the German settlers. Clearing of the large timber and milling of the logs took place in Marburg and Rosewood up to the 1920s. So much of the timber was wasted.
The Rosewood Scrub Historical Society at Marburg has a wonderful pictorial history of the clearing of the scrub. Cr David Pahlke Rosewood, May 2010


Cr David Pahlke

Mr Arboretum – Arnold Rieck
 Paul Kennedy    RDPO (Rosewood District Protection Organisation)
Rob Winkler SGAP (Society Growing Australian Plants)






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