COBB and Co LAMPS – Story in MBnews


The Lamps showcased at the Young Life Dinner Nov 2014
THE replica Cobb and Co Coach on the corner of William and John Street Rosewood is a centrepiece of the township. Cr David Pahlke was thrilled when he receive the phone call from the local auctioneer Rod Statham, whose real love in life is his horses and leatherwork. “The Phone call was to tell me he had unearthed a set of what appears to be original Cobb and Co coach lights and was I interested in them for our coach. “Needless to say my immediate response was ‘yes’ and then I realised I was talking about valuable artefacts of a time in Australia that is long gone. ” I realised that we could be talking many thousands of dollars for something that at the stage may be only replicas.
David sad they has the lamps authenticated and with that authenticity the city chose to bid on them. ” I was thrilled when I heard that we had won the bid at auction, and have been waiting to sight them,” he said. Rod delivered them to David at the Cobb and Co site, explaining where they would be positioned on the coach and how that would be done. “They sit to either side at the front brackets but still require a leather strap to ensure they did not bounce out on rough roads of the day,” Rod explained “They made part of a ‘triangle of lights’, which was how people knew it was a Cobb and Co Coach not a privately owned one. “At the top of the coach was a huge round lamp with these two on either side lower down, forming a triangle of lights as it came towards you.” Now Cr Pahlke, along with Rod, are in the hunt to try and locate the third and largest light. “sometimes we go to evaluate items in readiness for auction and there will be hidden treasure stuck away in a shed,” Rod said. “And that was the case with these two, they came from a collector and had been put away and left. “Maybe we can be just as lucky in finding that third light the same way.”
The two side lamps cost $5,000, justifying the spend as he spoke of their history. “We should treasure items that tell of a time that is long past and in this case I believe we are fortunate to have these lamps as they are a real rarity. “They would normally be in someone’s collection or in a museum so I can only thank Rod for thinking of us and allowing Ipswich City Council to proudly own them.” Rod is now organising making of the brackets.


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