DROVERS DOG – DOGGIE PARK at Lenihan Park – New equipment = wagging fun for Rosewood dogs

Me, Amanda Dawson her son Levi

And little dog Rizzo


Koby Slater & Honey
Helen Slater & Stormy
Amanda Dawson, Levi Dawson & Rizzo
Jonathan Dunlop & Charlie
Melanie Dunlop & Meg  WITH CR DAVID PAHLKE


ROSEWOOD dogs and their owners will now be able to enjoy some extra fun on their outings in town.


Ipswich City Council Division 10 Councillor David Pahlke said council had just finished installing some special dog agility equipment in the off leash Drover’s Dog Park in Tom Lenihan Park at Rosewood.  Cr Pahlke said the new equipment included a hoop, a tunnel, a podium, a number of jumps and a series of weave poles.  He said the equipment had been installed to further enhance the facilities for local dog lovers.   “Located in Bennett St, this park is extremely popular with local residents,” he said.   “It is a spot for dog owners to enjoy some special time with their animals and provides the dogs with a place which they can stretch their legs and socialise with other dogs.   “Spending time at a dog park delivers both social and wellbeing benefits for both dogs and their owners.  “People enjoy the contact with other dog owners and many friendships have been struck at local dog parks.”


Cr Pahlke said Rosewood’s off leash dog park had been given the name Drover’s Dog Park last year in honour of Australian political identity Bill Hayden.  “Mr Hayden, a former Australian politician and Governor-General, used the quick quip that a drover’s dog could win the next election when he stepped down from the leadership of the National Parliamentary Labor Party in 1983. In August 2013 Mr Hayden himself and his wife Dallas Hayden  officially opened the Drover’s Dog Park along with a series of interpretative signs featuring information on the Dog on the Tuckerbox, Red Dog, Cattle Dogs and the Australian Kelpie.  The signs also contain details about Mr Hayden and his political life.
Cr Pahlke said the off-leash area Tom Lenihan Park was an established park and approximately 2.5 hectares in size.  “Apart from the dog off leash area there is an existing playground with seating and picnic shelter and skate park in the park.”  Cr Pahlke said he had plans in place to install additional landscaping in the park in the coming months.  “This park is a cornerstone of the Rosewood community and a place where people and animals can come together to spend some time enjoying the outdoors and each other’s company.”  Cr Pahlke said dog owners needed to keep a few things in mind if they wanted to use the city’s off-leash parks.
Dogs must be on a leash until they are inside the boundary of the leash-free area.  When in the leash-free area, the dog must still be under verbal control of the owner.  This means that the dog will respond immediately to the owner’s command.  The owner should be able to stop the dog from rushing up to people and other dogs and must hold the leash in case it is required for control.  This level of control can be achieved through obedience training.  Owners who are aware their dog may be aggressive toward other dogs and/or people, are encouraged to be responsible and not take their dog into a leash-free area when in use by other dog owners and their dogs.


Works being undertaken include:


5 pieces of agility equipment are to be installed on plain broomed concrete.


Equipment pieces are:-


·                1 x Hoop
·                1 x Tunnel
·                6 x Weave Poles
·                1 x Podium
·                4 x Jumps


Equipment is to be installed either side of the main drainage pipe. Sharp edges on concrete and equipment are not suitable. Concrete is to finish level with existing grass area.


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