GARDEN OF REFLECTION Opening at Henry Lawson Park Walloon

Cr David Pahlke with Andrew, Katherine and Harry Plint from Hannah’s Foundation, Fedral Member for Blair Shayne Neumann And Rev Lizzie Gaitskell
WALLON’S Henry Lawson Bicentennial Park now has a new garden to highlight drowning awareness and prevention.
The new Garden of Refection complements the nearby Babies of Walloon sculpture inspired by the Henry Lawson poem.
Division 10 Councillor David Pahlke said the park was already being used as a place for grieving and refection for families and by child drowning prevention charity Hannah’s Foundation.
“This park was named in 2007 and followed the discovery of Henry Lawson’s poem in 1997 which tells the story of two young girls who drowned at a nearby billabong.
“The park has also been progressively developed and enhanced into a literary focused recreation area for children.
“In 2012 thieves stole one of the statues and the local community led by Andrew and Katherine Plint of Hannah’s Foundation vowed to support the full restoration and further development of the park.
“Future plans call for the installation of play equipment for children with disabilities.”
Cr Pahlke said the project also received funding from the international patron of the Ipswich Poetry Feast Joy Chambers and Reg Grundy.
Chairman of Hannah’s Foundation Andrew Plint said he and his wife were pleased to have been closely involved in the design of the Garden of Reflection which was unveiled on October 4 at a special ceremony.
“The garden is a place of peace and tranquillity that welcomes every family who has lost a child.
“Parents and family members can be together to help support each other and to keep the memories alive in their hearts.”
He said the date of the official opening the Garden of Refection coincided with the National Drowning Prevention Awareness and Memorial Day.
Releasing the balloons

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