LIWORAJI visit the ARBORETUM Peace Park Rosewood

“MR ARBORETUM” Arnold Rieck with the Liworaji
Elders and young people


A GROUP of Liworaji Elders, from the Purga Elders Centre recently visited Peace Park at Rosewood to tour the arboretum, which has an interesting selection of plants used in traditional Aboriginal lifestyle. Landcare member Arnold Rieck said the adults in the group were impressed with what had been done at the park. “We have a number of plants used in traditional bush medicine and for bush tucker on site and they were interested in the use of the early aborigines had for these trees.”


Arnold said the the Rosewood Wattle produced the  best spears in South East Queensland. “I understand that the pre-white settlement aborigines traded these spears with other tribes as far away as Hervey Bay and the Big Scrub in northern New South Wales. “In fact Rosewood spears have been found in these districts,” he added. He said that this information was of interest to the group, as was the knowledge he shared on the plant uses of the Rosewood Dry  Vine forest plants by early aborigines. Arnold has agreed to provide the group with Bayley Cypress and Velvet Cassia seeds.


Cr Dave Pahlke said the visit stems from an invite he extended a couple of months ago to the elders to take a look at the arboretum. “Because of the variety of bush tucker and medicinal plants that Arnold and his team have growing there I want an indigenous link to the park. “ And from this first look, they have come back with other elders and a group of youngsters for a more in-depth tour. “I am pleased for Arnold that they were so interested in the trees and their uses and I am hopeful this is the first link to a long time association for them with Peace Park.” Arnold said he believe he’ll be seeing this group again as their interest was genuine and one he thought they may build on. 

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