ROSEWOOD/ IPSWICH – Movie Makers come to town.


I joined 130 locals recently for the Charity screening of the movie “500 Miles”. What a little gem of a movie!!! As we know many of the locational scenes for the movie were screened in and around Rosewood. The Rosewood main street features in some great night scenes, and my Hotel features also.
I can recall a movie made in the 1980s called “The Settlement” filmed in Marburg and featuring Rosewood’s St Brigid’s Church. This movie is available on DVD and although somewhat dated, a lovely movie. Grab a copy and have a look. In the last couple of years there has been immense interest in our area by independent film makers.
The promotional/funding trailer for a proposed movie called “Thunder Road”was filmed in the main street of Rosewood. It is based in the 1960’s and is sort of a drama version of “Grease”, but without the songs. I am so hopeful that the full blown movie returns to be filmed in Rosewood.
We had the Ben Lee Pop Video clip filmed down the main street “ I love Pop Music”. He danced on the bar at the Rosewood Hotel and you see me for about 2 seconds. Check it out on U Tube.
We have had XXXX beer commercials, and even an Ernie Dingo census add. Throw in the Inspector Gadget scenes filmed along Middle Road Purga. There are little short films being produced all around our area.
Another one is ” Spirit Track” with a length of about ten minutes. It features the Rosewood Railway Station at the beginning. Two girls miss the bus, walk home through deserted railway yards and board a “Ghost Train” The Ghost Train has their mum on board who was tragically killed in a train accident years before. Rosewood Railway Museum is prominent in the scenes. Check it out on Facebook/U Tube.

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