Ipswich library staff highlight Picture Ipswich during Rosewood community visit


Ipswich City Council Acting Digital Archivist Robyn Lawrence (third from left) recently

spent time discussing the Picture Ipswich database with
 Rosewood residents Mary Mogensen (left) Pearl Suhr (back – second from left),
 Isabelle Kearsley (back – second from right) and Hazel Johnston.

DETAILS of a wonderful local history and photo repository were shared with members of the Rosewood community recently.

Ipswich City Council Acting Digital Archivist Robyn Lawrence visited the Cabanda Day Respite Centre to provide the centre’s participants with some information about the library’s programs and services including a focus on local history and images in Picture Ipswich.  Tourism and Libraries Committee Chairperson Councillor David Pahlke said Ms Lawrence’s recent visit on behalf of council had been well received by the centre’s clients.  “The gathered group thoroughly enjoyed the chance to take a trip down memory lane through old photos of their town available on council’s unique database Picture Ipswich,” Cr Pahlke said.

“These images are just part of the treasure trove of Ipswich images which can be viewed by the community through the Picture Ipswich website. “Picture Ipswich is being carefully built by the library staff and the community into a wonderful historical resource for future generations.  “It has grown considerably since it was launched in 2008 to contain almost 10,500 images on a variety of topics including photographs, oral histories, historical documents, films and much more.  “There are images of disasters in Ipswich, such as the 1893, 1974 and 2011 floods, the fire at Reid’s Department Store as well as events such as Ipswich Little Theatre productions, concerts and school events.  “The Picture Ipswich database is also home to photographs of local buildings both from the past and the present.

“These images reflect the growth of Ipswich over the past 150 years, construction sites and demolition sites. “Picture Ipswich also contains a wide range of photographs of Ipswich businessmen, families, sporting figures, weddings, representatives of local clubs and well-known identities from through the years.” All images are available for the community to view via the internet at: http://picture.ipswich.qld.gov.au/  “We are bringing together images of Ipswich in the past and present so in the future there will be a record of the evolution and continued growth of our city. “This collection of historical photographs and documents preserves and records the growth of the city from its earliest beginnings to the Ipswich of today.
“These images provide an insight into its people, families, places, businesses, way of life, and historical events and act as a valuable tool for researchers, students and the  community in general to help them learn more about Ipswich and its people. Cr Pahlke said the Cabanda Day Respite Centre clients were interested and thrilled to learn that they could become contributors to Picture Ipswich.  “After hearing all about the database many planned to go home and look through their own photographic collections and make relevant images available for Picture Ipswich.  “We are looking forward to receiving those contributions as it is only with the input of the community that Picture Ipswich can continue to grow.  “The community is also invited to contribute their own images to Picture Ipswich. “All items we receive are scanned and uploaded to the website, and the originals returned to the owner as soon as possible. “Staff can scan slides, negatives, glass plates, prints and record digital images.
The Picture Ipswich collection currently includes diverse subjects and collections such as:
·         Accidents and disasters: the Reids (Cribb and Foote) fire of 1985;
·         Business and Industry: the Ipswich Workshops, Hancocks, 4IP;
·         Houses: the unique homes of Ipswich such as Garowie, Claremont and Belmont;
·         Letters and Documents: such as an invitation to the Australian Federation celebrations in Melbourne in 1901 or a Cambrian Choir program;
·         Military: images of men from Ipswich who served in wars;
·         Oral Histories: from members of our community who remember the Ipswich of past days;
·         People: images of families and local identities who have helped shape our city;
·         Places: the diverse images of the city and environment;
·         Rosewood Scrub Historical Society: images of Rosewood and surrounds;
·         Sport and Recreation: Ipswich and its place in the sporting history of Australia and the many people who are involved in the diverse number of sporting associations in the town and;
·         The Whitehead Collection: a unique collection of images dating from 1893 until 2004, donated by the Whitehead family from their photography studio. If you would like to contribute to the Picture Ipswich historical collection, contact the Library’s Digital Archivist by calling 3810 7272 or e-mailing pictureipswich@library.ipswich.qld.gov.au



Call Cr David Pahlke – 0419 705 376 for further comment


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