Tahlias Place Marburg
This brave little six year old Marburg girl lost her fight for life on the 9th of August 2007, against a rare form of brain tumour. Tahlia Katelyn Payne was born on the 17th February 2001, to very proud parents Susan and Michael Payne. Tahlia has a younger brother Alex, who she adored. Tahlia attended the Marburg Preschool then went on to Grade 1 at Marburg State School. Until November 2006, Tahlia was a happy, healthy little girl who loved life in this little country town. She began to develop headaches and listlessness which was soon diagnosed as an inoperable brain tumour. The Payne family devoted their time providing Tahlia with the best treatment possible. Tahlia spent weeks in the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane receiving Radiation Therapy Treatment and had to go to a specialist clinic in America. Throughout the time of fundraising efforts by the community, Tahlia embedded herself into our hearts and minds, making many of us question the value of life itself. Returning from America, Tahlia’s condition became worse and she was back into the Children’s Hospital. She slept most of the time and struggled with her illness which was fast taking over. Her determination to live and her strong spirit has left a fingerprint on our lives forever. Tahlia is greatly missed, but will never be forgotten.  OFFICIALLY  UNVEILED   23 FEB 2008


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