Saying goodbye to Brian and Margaret Boland – Rosewood Hardware


Cr David Pahlke says goodbye

  to Brian and Margaret BOLAND 

Rosewood Hardware

THE formal handover of Rosewood Hardware from Brian and Margaret Boland to Darren and Vicki McAlpine happened this week. And new owners say the legacy of the service offered  by the Bolands is something they plan to maintain.  “I have always valued the personalised service that Brian provided and knowing that Rosewood was about to lose that motivated us to purchase the business,” Darren said He added that for many years he has valued the last minute phone call, chasing a ‘vital’ item for a job when he knew he would not get back to town before the business closed. “Never was I told it couldn’t happen. The item would be left out for me to collect on my way through and as a business man who works odd hours, I valued this.


“I was also concerned that if we lost the hardware shop from the town there would be more than just hardware sales lost.  “Once someone has to head into Ipswich for one item, it is likely they will use other traders while in that location and I believe those sales should be kept here in town.” Brian said he and Margaret had been worried that when they closed there would no longer be a hardware business in Rosewood.  “we didn’t want to leave that way.  “we didn’t want to leave that gap in the business community but could see no other way but to close the doors.”  Brian and Margaret purchased the business 28years ag, when there were three businesses under the same roof.


Graham Wendt ran the mechanical, Alan Price the produce and the Bolands ran the Evans Brothers Hardware. Around 12 months ago, Brian and Margaret made the decision to retire and put the business on the market. Darren was one of the potential purchasers.  “At the time, Brain had people looking at the business so I did not follow it through but when I realised he was actually shutting the doors we reactivated our interest.” Darren explained “It hit home that for the 22 years we’re been business, we’d relied on the hardware shop and while it was often small purchases, the service was always there.


“And it’s that service that we plan on keeping – a service that Brain and Margaret have given this community for years.”  Darren smiled as he said, “But they are huge footprints to step into so I hope we can live up to the benchmark set for us.”  In retirement, Brian and Margaret, who have no plans to move away from the region do have plans to catch up.  “I’ll catch up on jobs around the house and we’ll catch up with friends who we never seem to  get to see.  “And the idea of not having to be here at the shops on those cold mornings is very appealing.” Brian said with a grin.


The couple have plans to travel, saying a cruise was definitely on the cards.  “But all jokes aside, we will miss the daily interaction with our customers and the other business owners.  “ Rosewood is a great place to run a business as the people behind the counters care about the region and most have deep root in the community.  “But best of all, we are leaving knowing that Rosewood hardware is continuing in the community and for us that certainly the icing on the cake.”  This Saturdays, July 5, the two couples will  hold a ‘farewell and hello’ sausage sizzle.  “This is a chance for people to say farewell to Brain and Margaret  and a chance to introduce themselves to us,”


Darren said He added that as owners of DMAC Transport and Landscape Supplies, the two business will work hand in hand. “We’ve never before had a shopfront like this so people will be able to source their landscaping needs through here.  “And it means that as well as supplying things like sleepers, we can also supply the nuts and bolts that go with them or the bags of concrete with that load of gravel for smaller jobs.  “we are still getting our heads around the stock and the needs of the community but if anyone has particular needs then please come in and discuss them with us.”  “Brain and Margaret needs to be commended for their community minded attitude among them taking care of the public notice board, and accepting donations for Blue Care if the business closed.  “we will endeavour to continue to provide a ‘community business service’, that you won’t get in a larger city and that requires us to do more than just open the doors at set times.  “we will do everything we can to provide ‘service like it used to be’.  



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