$50,000 IN 2014/15 BUDGET FOR CONCEPT AND DESIGN – ROSEWOOD LIBRARY (Attached Photo and story Courtesy of MBNEWS )


Council gives green light to planning process for new library


Point to thesite of the Proposed Rosewood Library

IPSWICH City Council will begin its forward planning for a future library in Rosewood through funding allocated in the 2014-2015 Budget.  Tourism and Libraries Committee Chairperson Councillor David Pahlke said $50,000 had been allocated in the Budget to allow concept plans for the proposed library facility to be developed.  “The drafting of these concept and design plans is the first stage in council’s plans to one day build a library in Rosewood.  “These plans will allow council to make representation to the State and Federal Governments for the funding that will be required to make the Rosewood facility a reality.


“Council will need the backing of these other levels of government to allow such a facility to be built.  “At this stage, no further plans exist as to when the new library might be constructed but the community can be reassured that such a facility is definitely on council’s radar for the future.   “We realise that such a facility will be needed with the continued growth occurring in the Rosewood corridor and today’s funding allocation is all about ensuring that we begin making appropriate plans for the future.”   Ipswich Libraries currently has approximately 6000 library members in the Rosewood area.


Cr Pahlke said council hoped during the next financial year to take part in a special cultural exchange with Changde in China through funding in the 2014-2015 Budget.  “Since signing a Memorandum of Understanding between the two cities in May 2007 we have been eager to visit the famous Changde poetry wall and visit its poetry festival.  “Changde’s wall was originally built as a flood mitigation measure but was turned into a poetry wall a number of years ago when the Changde City Government decided to use it to display a collection of poetry, painting and calligraphy works by many modern artists.”  Recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, Changde’s wall stretches 3km alongside the Yuanjiang River and features 1267 poems spanning 5000 years and 43 Chinese and foreign stone carvings showing stories from ancient to modern times.


Poetry is an extremely popular pursuit in Changde with nearly 100 poem associations with more than 14,850 members.  Cr Pahlke said council looked forward to taking part in the Changde Poetry Festival.


“It will be great to share our mutual interest in poetry.”  Cr Pahlke said a highly successful library-based program designed to highlight the importance of reading in everyday life would continue to be offered by the Ipswich Libraries during the next financial year.  “Council joined forces with Mission Australia’s Communities for Children Inala to Ipswich for the supporting early education and development with stories (seeds) program in 2012 which was embraced by the community.   “The seeds program has been so successful that we are pleased to be able to continue this important young parents program with funding in the 2014-2015 Budget.  The next program is scheduled to begin in February next year.  Cr Pahlke said participants would be offered a series of fun and creative literacy based activities and would also learn how to access library resources and other services in the community to support their child’s early literacy development.


Bookings are essential for the program and can be made by contacting the library on 3810 6815 or via the website at http://www.library.ipswich.qld.gov.au/  

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