ROOSTERS HOME GROUNDS – Anzac Park Rosewood Photo and Story COURTESY MBNEWS 27.6.2014

Photo:    Cr  David  Pahlke with President of the Rosewood Roosters Juniors
Shane Brandley – along with Chris North and Beau Parrett and the Juniors

SPEAK to  long-time members of the Rosewood Roosters Rugby League Club and they will tell you that while they may have hoped to have an up to date and effective precinct, they did not think it would happen.  Discussion on the growth of the precinct at Anzac Park, and the humble beginnings of the club, have come to the fore with the completion of a number of projects.  Old boy, Herb McGeary, was one of those first committee members and recalls the very first footy club in Rosewood. “I played from U9 to U15 with the Rosewood Dragons in the 70s before the club folded in the late 70s. Most of the players moved to the Laidley based Lockyer Valley Club at that stage.” He recalled.

Steve Franklin was the local footy player who in 1996 first mooted the idea reforming a Rosewood club.  The Rosewood Roosters was formed in that year. They initially played on the State Primary School’s grounds with just two junior teams – an U7 and U9 side. Steve recalls the move to Anzac park a year later, sharing the grounds with the Rosewood  United Church Soccer Club for a couple of years, before the soccer club moved to Thagoona. He laughed as he recalled their original ‘canteen’. “it was a canvas tent belonging to the Dales, a barbeque and a couple of eskies for the cold drinks.  But we fund raised so hard to build our very first ‘canteen’ shed with roller skating in the hall and our ‘famous’ Red Faces nights among other ventures.” It took until 2000, to form a Senor C Grade team and their first year they claimed an undefeated win the Grand Final.  Rosewood Seniors played in four Grand Finals winning one and claiming a win in the Reserve Grade Final as well.  

Today, Rosewood Roosters incorporates three bodies under their umbrella, the Junior, Senior and Old Boys with a total of 140 players registered in the Junior and Senior Clubs. The Old Boys, a predominantly social body, offers fundraising support to both Seniors and Junior Clubs. Old Boy Allan Dale said they said they also help meet that coast of juniors who are selected into rep teams.  “Around 75 percent of the Old Boys are past Rosewood players and the rest are parents of players.”  Herb said the Old Boys also ran Monday night touch footy comp for around 12 years with great response.  “On average we would field six to ten teams each week but had 16 teams at one stage,’’ he recalled. But the club is currently celebrating the facility they currently enjoy, recognising the huge support from Ipswich City Council. Herb said originally they would mow the grounds, drag an irrigation system around to water the field and make out the fields each week. “These days, thanks to council, we have th9is great facility with underground watering and they maintain the grounds as well.”
Today, the club boasts a well maintain field and a canteen that is modern and easy to work in, change rooms and storage areas. The most recent additions and improvements have come courtesy of Ipswich City Council and have been part of a long term series of projects. Cr David Pahlke, who is also the patron of the club said approximately $128,000 has been spent on the most recent projects. “We’ve spent $38,000 on lighting repairs and improvements, $60,000 on the renovations and extensions to the canteen and facilities and  have just completed a pathway from the entrance to  the canteen at a cost of $38,000. “Recently we also installed new mini goal posts. The precinct is looking great.” President of the Junior Club, Shane Brandley said the facilities make it an ideal place for players to train play. “It represents the pride we have in this club.” “The pathway is the perfect final stage as we now have a safe and smooth entrance, suited to all weather conditions and all ages and mobility levels. These Facilities are truly suited to a club that is family orientated. “it looks inviting and well maintained. “I think I can speak on behalf of the committee when I say thank you to Ipswich City Council for the recent upgrades and to Cr Pahlke for seeing the needs of the club and supporting us.”



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