Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald & General Advertiser (Qld.: 1861- 1908), Thursday 24 October 1907

Amberley Progress Association
THE usual monthly meeting of Amberley Famers’ Progress Association (writes a correspondent) was held at Amberley State School on Saturday last. Mr. W Elliot, The newly-elected president, occupied the chair . There was a fair attendance of members. Amongst the correspondence received was a letter from Messrs. Joyce Bros., stating that they would  be prepared to purchase all cotton grown in the distract at minimum price of 1½ d per 1L. A lively interest was taken in the project, one member speaking of the advantages it would be to famers to grow a few acres of cotton, especially those famers who had families to pick their own cotton. The members , Whose anticipations in days gone by had not been realised, took heart of grace an hoped for better things to come. The next business was a discussion on the matter of a cattle-dip for this district. At a public meeting, held some time ago, about 20shares of £1 each were taken up, but, they did not  provide sufficient capital to commence operation, the sectary was instructed to call another meeting by advertisement in The “Queensland Time,” to be held in the state school, Amberley. The meeting heard, with deep regret, of the possible resignation of the Amberley postmistress, Mrs. White, as she considers the remuneration is not sufficient for the duties she has to perform. During the time Mrs. White Has held the office of postmistress she has discharged her duties in an efficient manner, and it was felt that her resignation would be a great loss to the district, as her house is the most convenient to the public, being right on the Toowoomba road. The secretary was, therefore requested to draw  up a petition to the postmaster-general, requesting that a post-office should be established at Amberley. It was also decided that the petition should be sent to the member for Moreton for presentation. The meeting was concluded by the passing of a hearty vote of thanks to the president.

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