Brisbane City Captured In 3D From The Sky

An aerial photographer is challenging the way we view Brisbane by creating stunning interactive images of the city.

It’s a bird’s eye view of Brisbane. Better than we’ve ever seen before. The 3D images capture the beauty of the city at dusk – the meandering path of the Brisbane River, the people’s parkland at South Bank and the streets of the Central Business District.

With the move of a mouse you can tilt from sky to ground or pan 360 degrees to see the suburbs home to two million people.

Andrew Griffiths flies the world shooting panoramas. Two weeks ago he hovered over the Queensland capital, lowering a boom pole with a secret camera rig he’s refined over 12 years.

The helicopter turns 360 degrees, capturing 26 images, which take days to process.

“It allows me to share my world with everyone else,” he explained.

“The views always spectacular and yeah i guess it’s just my way showing people what I see.

“All the images are then stitched together and that’s how the 360s are created.”

On the night he was flying, the Story Bridge turned maroon, so it’s now a permanent feature of his city panorama.

Unlike the Gold Coast, Sydney or Melbourne, Brisbane doesn’t have a high rise observation deck but these new images are the next best thing.


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