JANELLE COLE – 10 Years with Rosewood Community Centre

Rosewood Community Centre Volunteer –
Janelle Cole, with her Thumbs Up Award
Janelle commenced volunteering for the Rosewood Community Centre on the 13th March 2004. Janelle’s energy and kindness have been a great asset to our Community Centre ever since. We are very thankful for everything that Janelle does for our Centre. Janelle has used her cooking skills over the past 10 years to cater for the Rosewood Seniors Week Celebrations, and has held the position of Treasurer on the Centre’s Management Committee.
Janelle’s late husband Ted Cole may have been instrumental in supporting the Centre’s Medilink Service to commence, but it has been through Janelle’s commitment, flexibility and generosity of time given that has made it possible to continue the Medilink Service over all these years. A quote by Sherry Anderson says it all ‘Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.’ Priceless is exactly what Janelle is; not only for her work at the Rosewood Community Centre but for the work done to support seniors living in Rosewood and the surrounding Districts.

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