Willowbank Area (Residents) Group – New Community Sign (Story Courtesy of Moreton Border News)

WAG President George Hatchman
THERE will be no excuse for residents of Willowbank who are unaware of what is happening in their community following the installation of a community sign. Vice President of Willowbank Area (Resident) Group, (WAG) and signage project spokesperson, Ian Dainer said that the community sign had been a long sought after piece of infrastructure. “WAG have been working towards this sign for the past two years as it will allow our group to provide Willowbank residents with timely advice about a range of community information. “This will also include flying operations at the adjacent RAAF base, which impact the lives of our residents,” he said. Ian said that the acquisition and installation of the sign was due to the combined efforts of Cr Dave Pahlke and Ipswich City Council, and two Willowbank businesses, the Ti Tree Bio-energy waste disposal company and New Hope Australia Group, operators of the Jeebropilly Coal mine. “The artwork on the sign, which depicts the willow trees of the local area, was the result of efforts by local resident George Hatchman. “This has now been endorsed by residents as the new official logo of WAG.” He said that already many residents have commented on the potential of the sign to be a positive improvement to the community from its prominent position in Heit Park. He smiled as he said that in addition to community announcements, the sign might also provide the opportunity to recognise or perhaps ‘embarrass’ local residents who reach noteworthy life milestones.

$4000 Willowbank (WAG) Residents Group Community sign co funded by
1. WAG  2.  New Hope Coal 3. Cr  David Pahlke 4. Ti Tree Veolia

Ray Browning, Ian Dainer and Kerri Byenhof

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