Division 10 Roads get $1.8million facelift! Moreton Border News 28.2.2014

Cr. David Pahlke at Coopers Road, Willowbank
SEVERAL roads around rural Ipswich Division 10 are about to be resealed at a cost of more than $1.8 million. Cr Dave Pahlke said road reseals are generally done every eight to 12 years and are part of an ongoing maintenance program.“A reseal is a bit like polishing a car to protect it – the seal is to stop water from damaging the bitumen,” he explained.“Bitumen seals eventually wear out so these reseals prevent water from damaging the bitumen and causing failures.” In the latest round of reseals Coopers Rd at Willowbank/Ebenezer ($320,000), Haigslea Malabar Rd at Marburg ($110,000), Mt Forbes Rd at Ebenezer ($230,000) Ebenezer Rd at Ebenezer($100,000), Claus and Linnings Rd at Haigslea ($230,000), Willowbank Dr at Willowbank ($80,000) and Clarefield Ct at Thagoona ($76,000) are the larger projects. “Some of the works have started and we are hopeful that all will be completed within a six to eight week period,” Cr Pahlke said. “There are a total of 36 reseal projects projects to be carried out in Division 10 and I ask the motorists respect the lowered speed limits during work.”

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