Council project enhances flood warning capabilities

AN accurate picture of Ipswich’s streams and waterways can be accessed via a special monitoring system.
Ipswich City Council Division 10 Councillor David Pahlke said the flood warning capabilities of the monitoring system in Ipswich’s rural suburbs had received a boost with the installation of new rain gauges and stream gauges.  “Council with the assistance through state government funding grants had been proactively investing in resilience projects to better prepare and manage the Ipswich community for future flood events,” Cr Pahlke said.  “This investment is part a broad council strategy aimed at providing enhanced community flood awareness, floodplain management, disaster management response and flood mitigation.

 Cr David Pahlke and Chair of Works

Cr Cheryl Bromage at the 7 Mile with the new flood/rainfall gauge

As part of this investment, several stream and rain gauges have been installed across the city with a significant portion of these within rural upper catchments of key streams.  “Thagoona, Peak Crossing and Grandchester were identified for rain gauges and Seven Mile Bridge Rosewood for a combination rain/stream gauge installation and these have now been put in place by council.  “Consultation and investigation in partnership with the Bureau of Meteorology was undertaken and these areas were identified as a critical gap in the overall flood warning network.  “The gauges will provide vital data and enhanced evaluation for flood levels and monitoring of Bremer River, Purga, Western, and Bundamba Creek catchments.  “They will also provide property owners in the area with increased peace of mind in the event of any future severe wet weather events.”
City Infrastructure Committee Chairperson Councillor Cheryl Bromage said Ipswich’s existing flood alert network was owned and managed in a partnership between council and the Bureau of Meteorology. “The information provided by the network gives residents an increased opportunity to make choices about their properties and whether they need to evacuate or not in a flooding situation.”  Cr Bromage said funding of $100,000 had been allocated in council’s 2013-2014 Budget for the maintenance and operation of Ipswich’s flood/rain gauge network. “These gauges form part of Ipswich s early warning system for the city’s rivers and streams and allowed council to alert the community to expected flood events in advance,” she said.
Cr Bromage said a range of new gauges had now been installed and were fully commissioned and functioning on council’s flood monitoring system.  “Additional to flood rain gauges installed in Division 10, new gauges also were installed in Goodna and Redbank Plains.  “Also pending installation is Hanlon Street, Bundamba which is expected to take place in early March this year.”  Cr Bromage said the new sites were also being added to the BOM’s website to allow people access to them there.  “I encourage the community to take the time to visit the BOM website and familiarise themselves with the data presented there.  “This means in the event of any future emergencies they will know exactly where to head to find out valuable information about their local area.”
The rain gauges can be accessed via the following link: 
The stream gauges can be accessed via the following link: 

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