Cabanda Crossing

Cabanda Crossing

Rosewood community celebrates new name for bridge

A LOCAL Bridge crossing in Johnston Park in Rosewood has been officially named by Ipswich City Council.

Me presenting the General Manager – Nancy Mathers with a smaller

version of the sign for their wall at Cabanda.

Division 10 Councillor David Pahlke said the footbridge in Johnston Park at 61 John St, Rosewood would now be known as Cabanda Crossing. “We have now added an interpretive sign to the bridge which carries the history of this link as well as that of its namesake the nearby Cabanda Aged Care facility.” Cr Pahlke said the previously unnamed footbridge provided a vital link across Mason’s Gully from Cabanda Aged Care facility and was a popular addition to Johnston Park. He said the name of new bridge has been chosen to reflect the community’s close association with Cabanda.

Cabanda Board Members: Lyall McEwin,
Joyce Rieck and Ian Luetchford.

“After identifying the need for a nursing home in Rosewood in the late 1970s, the community banded together to raise the funding needed for such a facility through raffles, street stalls and bingo. “A group of retired men also collected bottles, cardboard and scrap metal and ended up running an organised salvage team which raised $125,000 over 11 years. “Funding was also received from the Federal Government for the construction of Cabanda which was supplemented by continued fundraising such as annual door knock appeals throughout the area.”
Cabanda residents with Cr Pahlke and
GM Nancy Mathers.

Cabanda was finally established in 1987 with an initial intake of 26 people. Today, the facility has 44 independent living units and operates a day respite centre for around 20 clients each weekday. Cr Pahlke said he was thrilled to be able to officially name the footbridge in honour of Cabanda and its residents. “This facility is an important part of Rosewood and is wonderful to be able to recognise it in this way. “As we officially launch this new crossing I would also like to pay tribute to former Moreton Shire Councillor John Turner who had pushed for the original bridge structure to be put in place.

Former Apexian and Moreton Shire Councillor,
Board Member
Joyce Rieck with Cr David Pahlke.

“The original bridge was put in place about 20 years ago with council supplying the materials while members of the local Apex and Lions Clubs built it. “It was replaced by a new steel structure about three years ago.”

Hazel Johnston and Thora Dutney unveiling the

Descriptive sign for the naming of Cabanda Crossing.


Named Tuesday, 22 January 2013

In the late 1970’s, some Rosewood residents identified the need for an aged care facility. When in need of residential care, residents had to leave the community for Laidley or Ipswich. In November, 1979, a public meeting was held to discuss the situation, and was attended by representatives of Rosewood churches and service clubs.

A steering committee was formed to investigate options for some type of aged care facility. The community began fundraisng with small raffles, street stalls and bingo, knowing funds would be needed regardless of any decision. A group of retired men started collecting bottles, cardboard and scrap metal, growing into an organised salvage team which raised $125,000 over 11 years.

The Rosewood Aged Care Home Committee developed from the steering committee and was incorporated in 1985. By this time, the Committee had decided to apply to the Commonwealth Government for hostel beds.

Fundraising continued, including annual door knock appeals throughout the town and district. The Commonwealth paid a two-for-one subsidy for the coinstruction of a hostel, which was estimated to cost $750,000.

With feverish activity, $250,000 was raised on time and a hostel catering for 26 persons was built and opened in October 1987. Many people in the town had doubted the Committee would be successful, but the hostel fas fulfilled the dreams of those early workers with dedicated leadershipfrom Committee President Jack Peace from the beginning until 1987 (and later as Administrator), and Ted Evans, Treasurer from 1979 until 1999.

Joyce Rieck – Secretary, Cabanda Board


I joined the local Apex Club when I came to live in Rosewood in 1974. The club had adopted johnston Park as its ongoing service project and had erected basic children’s playground equipment, making it the only public playground available in Rosewood at that time.

From those early days I felt a pedestrian walkway across Mason’s Gully would be an added attraction to the park, but permanent structures were not permitted as the land was under the control of the Queensland Government Department of Main Roads.My pleas to local councillors for help fell on deaf ears.

By the early 1900’s the Cabanda Aged Care facility was in development and Johnston Park was being upgraded. I had been elected a Councillor for Moreton Shire and arranged for Council to supply materials (all locally sourced) for a footbridge, and for members of the local Apex and Lions Club to build it. The footbridge had been my dream, but now also provided practical pedestrian access from Cabanda to Johnston Park. Some twenty years later it was necessary for the structure to be demolished and replaced with a new steel bridge. While it is not quite the same local connection, the bridge is nevertheless a facility which will be there for locals to enjoy for many years.

John Turner – Rosewood

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