Haigslea Lawn Cemetery

Also known as “Walloon Scrub Cemetery”, “Kircheim Cemetery”, Kirchhiener Cemetery”, and “Walloon Cemetery”, the land was donated to the adjoining Lutheran Church by Mr W H Loose. The cemetery remained under control of the Lutheran Church until a Cemetery Trust was formed in 1913.
The earliest burial recorded was Andrew Hawley, died 30 July 1871, aged 11 years.
The Queensland Government Gazette announced an “Order in council on the 9th day of May, 1918” that set aside land as a permanent reserve for a cemetery. “Kirchheiner” Cemetery as it was then known as “Haigslea Cemetery” and was placed ‘under control of Johann Koch, John Henry Claus, Ernest Schubel, Harry Heiner and George Henry Siemon. Burial in the “Kirchheiner” Cemetery occurred during the period from September 1916 to August 1959.
In 1959 the Moreton Shire Council (now Ipswich City Council) was appointed as trustee and at the Health and Community Services meeting held on the 25th September 1990, the cemetery was renamed “Haigslea Lawn Cemetery”.
Dedicated to those members of the Pioneering families – known and unknown – of Walloon Scrub/ Kirchheim / Haigslea buried in this cemetery. Erected by Len Claus, Mal Sprenger, Jack Grieves and Keith Abraham and other descendants of the pioneers. 26th September 1992.

ST PAUL’S LUTHERAN CHURCH HAIGSLEA / KIRCHHEIM / WALLOON SCRUB A Lutheran Church, to serve the early German settlers, was built on the corner of the present Warrego Highway and Haigslea Lawn Cemetery Road (where the pine trees now stand) It was dedicated as St Paul’s by Pastor C Gaustadt on 9 July 1873. A manse was erected beside the church in 1874. A new manse was built in 1895 which was subsequently moved to Marburg in 1904. The church building was destroyed in a storm on 17 November 1923. A replacement church was built at Haigslea (formerly Kirchheim) and re-dedicatedon 13 April 1924. The last service in this church was held on 7 March 1971.
Pastors who served St Paul’s were:
– Pastor E Heiner (from Ipswich)          1866 to 1869
– Pastor C Gaustadt                                1869 to 1879
– Pastor J Goessling                                1879 to 1886
– Pastor J Frank                                       1888 to 1912
– Pastor M Reuther                                              1915
– Pastor L Doehler                                  1915 to 1971
The plaque, funded by St Matthew’s Rosewood, commemorates 150 years of Lutheran Worship in the Ipswich Area. 1860-2010.


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