Political comment used as catalyst for name of new Ipswich City Council facility

A QUICK quip by an Australian political identity was today recognised in Rosewood by Ipswich City Council.

Bill and Dallas Hayden, Mayor Paul Pisasale & Cr David Pahlke

Division 10 Councillor David Pahlke said council had decided to give the name Drover’s Dog to the off leash dog park in Tom Lenihan Park following the use of the expression “drover’s dog” by former Australian politician and Governor-General Bill Hayden.  Cr Pahlke said Mr Hayden and his wife Dallas had officially unveiled a series of interpretative signs at the new facility today.  “These signs feature information on the Dog on the Tuckerbox, Red Dog, Cattle Dog, Australian Kelpie as well as Bill Hayden and his political life.
“The throw-away line the drover’s dog could win the next election  is attributed to Mr Hayden on the occasion of his stepping down from the leadership of the National Parliamentary Labor Party in 1983. “This quote caught the imagination of the public and was again absorbed into the national lexicon of original Australian quotes after first surfacing in the 1940s.  “Using it as part of this park is a way of ensuring that it never forgotten.”  It was wonderful to able to acknowledge something which had become part of the Australian vernacular.

Koby Slater, Amanda Dawson and Helen Slater 

The term drover’s dog represents the larrikin side of Aussie culture and is delivered with a wry smile and a sense of humour.  I’m sure Mr Hayden never dreamed that his use of this expression would bring him to a park in Rosewood for the opening of this new facility.  The Drover’s Dog off-leash dog park pays tribute to this very Australian term and to breeds of the canine family near and dear to us all.  Mr Hayden was elected in 1961 as the Federal Member for Oxley and remained in the post until 1988 when he resigned to become Australia’s 21st Governor-General, an office in which he served until his retirement in 1996. His period in the national parliament included serving as Minister for Social Security from 1972 to 1975 during which he introduced Australia’s first universal health scheme, Medibank, which was terminated by the incoming Fraser Government in 1981.
The later Hawke Labor Government reintroduced the scheme, re-named Medicare.  After two disastrous election results for Labor nationally, he became Leader of the Labor Opposition in 1977.  He stood down from leadership of Labor in 1983 and after the election that year became Labor’s Minister for Foreign Affairs in the Hawke Government.  In retirement Mr Hayden lives with his wife Dallas on a cattle farm at Lake Wivenhoe.  Cr Pahlke said Tom Lenihan Park was an established park and approximately 2.5 hectares in size.  Apart from the dog off leash area there is an existing playground with seating and picnic shelter and skate park in the park. The new signs will add another special element to this important local park.
Former Governor General – Bill Hayden 

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