Norman Street Bridge Concept

There has been talk in the community for many years about the need for a new bridge across the Bremer River, linking North Ipswich and East Ipswich in the vicinity of Norman Street.
Ipswich City Council and the Queensland Government have recently completed a Feasibility Study into the Norman Street Bridge, and the extension of Jacaranda Street-Wattle Street through to Brisbane Road at Booval, to provide a long-term strategic road link to cater for future travel demands as the population of Ipswich grows.
Once constructed, the Norman Street Bridge and associated roadworks will provide many citywide benefits by encouraging unnecessary through traffic out of the core of the Ipswich City Centre thus providing opportunities for streetscape and pedestrian improvements, on-street dining, speed limit reductions and bus treatments. Other benefits include:
                Travel time savings
                Reduction in traffic congestion
                An alternative access route during times of emergency and disaster (e.g. crash, flood)
                Enhanced access to the emerging northern part of the Ipswich City Centre from the south and east
                More efficient bus routing to/from Bell Street via the Riverlink Shopping Centre
                Improved pedestrian and cyclist connections
‘freecall’ phone (1800 645 836) or email ( enquiry lines.

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