Grandchester State School – Adopt a Park! (Story Courtesy of: Moreton Border News)

School Captains – Noah Davidson and Tammy Gain with Cr. Pahlke with the Certificate.
STUDENTS at Grandchester State School have used their power as park guardians to improve the facilities at Bigges Camp and School Road parks.

Cake & students: (from left) Zac Kovacev, Charley Martin, Ruby Martin, Cr Pahlke.

       Im led to believe the lovely cake was made by the Mums! 

 Around three years ago, Cr David Pahlke started talks with the school on becoming park guardians, seeking to put in place a similar system to the one he had with students at Walloon State School.  The students at Grandchester were keen to be involved, quick to let Cr Pahlke know that their play equipment in both parks were due for an upgrade.  The results from those initial discussions have seen the students sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), formalising their role as park guardians.  “Once the kids take on the role as park guardians they are asked to become the ‘guardians’ of the park, to let an adult know when damage to equipment or structures is done.


 “This information then comes to me from the teachers or parent and with it is often the identification of who is doing the damage.  “And I encourage the children to have input as to what they want in the way of equipment as we do upgrades,” Cr Pahlke said.  This led to an upgrade at Bigges Camp, including a BMX track and a new set of play equipment.  Last week the school leaders signed off on their continuation as park guardians and saw the plans for the upgrade of Community Park, opposite the school.  “This is a $60,000 revamp and will include new concrete sleeper walls, a climbing net system, a swing, balance beams and new seating.  “When they saw the plan the kids were excited that their input had led to the revamp.”  Teacher, Julie Highfield, said the day was an exciting one for the school as a whole.  “It’s great to see the children taking on this type of role on behalf of the community.  “They’ve taken on the responsibility of caring for their parks and ensuring they look beautiful and that everyone using the parks respect and care for them,” she said.  The children also enjoyed a treat as a beautiful ice ‘tree’ cake was cut and shared to celebrate the signing of the MOU.

 School Captains – Noah Davidson and Tammy Gain with Cr Pahlke and the cake.

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