Rosewood Youth Festival

Councillor Sheila Ireland – Chair of Youth and Seniors – with Councillor David Pahlke and James Beutel from Young Life on the Huge Jumping Castle.


THE school holidays in Rosewood were brought to a close last week with a special festival for youth. The Rosewood Youth Festival was held in Tom Lenihan Skate Park. 

Ipswich City Council Youth and Seniors Committee Chairperson Councillor Sheila Ireland said this was the second year the festival had run in Rosewood and council planned to continue running it each year.  “This is an example of the way in which council is working from Grandchester to Camira to engage Ipswich’s young people,” she said.  “We are open to suggestions from local young people for any activities they would like to see held within Ipswich.”  Cr Ireland said council already operated the Ipswich Youth Advisory Council and the Ipswich Indigenous Youth Advisory Councils (IIYAC) which had 28 members ranging in age from 12 to 17-years-old.  She said the Ipswich Youth Advisory Council had been founded in 2007 to give Ipswich youth a special forum in which they could express a wide variety of views and ideas about issues affecting them.  In 2012 the Ipswich Indigenous Youth Advisory Council was established to increase and better engage our Indigenous young people.


Division 10 Councillor David Pahlke said the Rosewood Youth Festival was specifically designed to reach out to young people in the Rosewood corridor.  “We hope this festival during the school holidays provided some fun for local young people in their own backyard.”  Cr Pahlke said the festival had given Ipswich’s young people the chance to enjoy live music and show off their dance, skate and music skills. “It was a great day with participants enjoying the music, skating, activities, food and fun on offer.  “Young Life Australia partnered with council for the festival and we thank them for their contribution towards this event.”  Young Life Australia is a non-aligned Christian charity focussed on role modelling and mentoring young people of high school age, to build confidence, values and resilience.


Cr Pahlke said council was excited to be able to support local young people and services to develop and plan for the 2014 Rosewood Youth Festival.  “I need to pay  a huge compliment to James Beutel from Young Life. Additionally Kate Toohey – Councils Youth Development Officer – plays a large co-ordination Role also. One of the exciting outcomes from this year’s festival was that several local young people came forward who wish to participate in planning the 2014 festival and make it bigger, better and more relevant for Ipswich’s young people.”


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