The Rosewood Hoop Pine

This Rosewood Hoop Pine (Acaucaria Cunninghamii) was the very first single tree in ICC covered by a Vegetation Protection Order 0001 on 24 September 2001. The land behind this tree was first purchased by William Matthew on 3rd July 1868 for 15 Pounds and was part of an 80 acre title. The large block was subdivided many times, over the next 20 years. The township of Rosewood came into existence in 1876.


John Street came about by farmers John Vance and William Matthew each donating half a road width each to create the main street road reserve leading to the Rosewood Railway Gates. John Street was named after John Vance. Margaret Farrell at this time purchased 2 acres and it is believed she is responsible for the planting of this tree in approximately 1881.  The Hoop Pine is a very large, emergent tree of dry rain forests north from the Macleay River (northern NSW), throughout coastal Queensland and into New Guinea. It has scale-like leaves and fruiting cones are found in the upper branches. The seed is dispersed widely when the cones break open in the spring. The John Street tree produces a blanket of seed covering the footpath.


Reasons for the specific Listing of this tree were:


•             The vegetation forms part of the natural heritage of the area

•             The tree is the largest remaining hoop pine in the township
•             The historical and cultural association with the town and residents
•             The ecological significance as habitat support for native birds, mainly white cockatoos
•             The uncharacteristic contour lines, its prominent position and age



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